More Must Be Done

More Alternative Sentencing

Jewel will work to expand effective alternative sentencing of those who are convicted of nonviolent crimes. America must stop turning nonviolent criminals into violent ones. As judge, Jewel will create new accountability courts which specialize in domestic violence and veterans issues.

Work with Schools to Create a Courtroom Field Program

As judge, Jewel will work with our schools to establish field trip programs for Clayton County students to attend courtroom hearings and meetings. Teaching our kids how the courts work will instill a sense of respect for the system, not fear. Jewel’s plan will teach our children about the dangers of drugs and gangs — and help keep them out of trouble.

Protect Victims from Domestic Violence

Children are too often left behind when families are ripped apart due to domestic violence. The destructive cycle of domestic violence must stop. After a guilty verdict rendered by a jury, Jewel will apply appropriate sentencing. As Superior Court Judge, Jewel will work to expand support services, particularly with education about the judicial system to ensure that those who find themselves in it will receive what they need to move forward.